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Chaperone Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Trips Inc. chaperone! The highest quality chaperones are essential to the fun and excitement that makes our trips so special.

Our chaperones are volunteers with trip expenses paid including airfare, meals at the destination, lodging, entertainment and transportation at the destination. At the moment we are accepting applications from people who live in the areas of Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and Denver, Colorado. If you do not live close to one of these airports, please do not apply. We are not accepting applications from any other areas* at this time.

Please read this page thoroughly and, if you live in an area that we need and wish to apply to become a chaperone, you can download a PDF of our application or use our secure on-line application by using the links at right.

Volunteer your time and travel for free

Volunteer your time and travel for freeOur dedicated volunteer chaperones make each and every trip special to our travelers. Travel expenses for the trip such as airfare, meals at destination, accommodations, entrance fees to parks, attractions and shows are covered by Trips Inc. This is a working vacation, however, so there is no "free-time" allotted to chaperones during the trip. As a chaperone, you must be available to our travelers 24 hours a day. You will also have one or two travelers sharing your hotel room or cruise ship cabin. Our trips are a lot of fun for everyone, but our chaperones are responsible for the safety and well-being of our special needs travelers.

Where we need chaperones

Where we need chaperonesThe majority of our chaperones live and work in Oregon, Washington and the Denver, Colorado area. Our main groups depart from Portland, Seattle and Denver. We need our chaperones to originate from these cities so they are able to travel with our main tour groups.

* Additional chaperone opportunities

* Additional chaperone opportunitiesAnother way to become involved as a Trips Inc. volunteer chaperone is to register three adults with special needs from your organization for any one vacation and you can accompany them as their chaperone. All three travelers must safely fit into our support ratio of one chaperone for every three/four travelers. As a volunteer chaperone, your travel expenses on the trip would be covered by Trips Inc. including airfare, accommodations, entertainment, meals at the destination, and transportation at the destination. You will be required to follow all of the Trips Inc. chaperone guidelines, participate as part of the Trips Inc. tour group, and be responsible for our travelers 24 hours a day. Again, there is no "free-time" for chaperones during the trip.

Note: To participate in this program, we must be advised upon registration of your 3 travelers that a chaperone will be traveling with them on the trip.

What makes our chaperones special

What makes our chaperones specialTrips Inc. is an organization that has established an outstanding reputation for quality service to our travelers. Credit for this goes to every one of our chaperones, therefore a number of factors are taken into consideration when selecting chaperone candidates:
Experience, skills, and qualifications:
Work in the MR/DD field is helpful but not required to chaperone with Trips Inc. Trips Inc. provides fun, nurturing vacation opportunities, designed to promote growth, independence and adventure to each of our travelers. Our chaperones include college students, nurses, retirees, family members of travelers with special needs, recent college graduates, school teachers, counselors, as well as program directors and residential care providers in the MR/DD field.

Personal and employment references:
Our volunteers are required to complete an extensive application to apply for a volunteer chaperone position. References and recommendations from other persons who are current or past Trips Inc. chaperones is taken into consideration. Employment references, including supervisors name, number of years on the job and work duties help us to understand your background and qualifications.

Positive attitude and enthusiasm on the job:
This is one of the most important aspects of becoming a Trips Inc. chaperone. Our goal is to provide our travelers with the best vacation experience. This is accomplished by having chaperones who care about our travelers, who care about having fun and who care about interacting positively and respectfully with our travelers and other chaperones.

Factors influencing which chaperones are selected for trips:
The number of travelers registered for a particular trip regulates the number of chaperones that are required. Traveler demographics are very important: a trip with a high number of male travelers will require more male chaperones. Male chaperones are more in demand than female chaperones at this time. Male chaperones room with male travelers and female chaperones room with female travelers.

Exotic and international trips:
Trips Inc. chaperones who have demonstrated the highest level of attention and commitment to our travelers are selected for our destinations such as cruises and Hawaiian vacations. Traveler demographics and chaperone expertise are factors in the selection process for these trips. Most of our international trips are staffed by our Tour Group Leaders.

Do you have what it takes to be a Trips Inc. chaperone?

Do you have what it takes to be a Trips Inc. chaperone?
If you feel that you meet our criteria and want to apply to be a chaperone, please fill out the secure online application or download the PDF application form (see links above) and mail to:
Chaperone Application
PO Box 10885
Eugene, OR 97440

You must provide:
1. Completed chaperone application form
2. Photocopy of your drivers license

Those who do not complete all of these requirements will not be considered as a Trips Inc. chaperone.


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