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A group of Trips Inc.™ travelers having a blast in Hollywood



Trips Inc.  is an award-winning travel company that has provided special needs travel vacations for over 19,000 travelers from all 50 states with intellectual and developmental disabilities since 1991!


To provide travel opportunities to people of various abilities in a safe, respectful, and fun atmosphere.  All of our special adventures seek to create an environment that promotes personal and emotional growth, friendship and learning.


Trips Inc.™ Owner Brittaney with fellow travelers at the Pendleton Round Up


Trips Inc.™ Owner Chris with fellowtravelers at the Dude Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.


Trips Inc.™ is excited to welcome new owners in 2023, Brittaney and Chris. Brittaney began chaperoning with Trips Inc.™ 20 years ago. She has a master’s degree in special education and has spent her career as a teacher and school district administrator. In addition to Chris’ career in the business world, he brings years of experience as a Special Olympics coach and Trips Inc.™ chaperone. Together, they have traveled extensively across the United States and more than 19 countries, spanning 4 continents! 

Brittaney and Chris are thrilled and honored to be running Trips Inc.™, a company that empowers adventure for everyone. As with the previous owners, Jim and Leslie Peterson, the focus will always be on the travelers and ensuring the same level of quality, service and care you have come to expect over the years!


Our team has a strong background in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. From Direct Service Providers, Special Olympic coaches, Special Education teachers to Autism Specialists, each member has received specialized training and exhibits a keen sensitivity to meet the unique needs of our travelers. They pay close attention to the countless logistics and details involved in special needs travel and understand the profound significance of Trips Inc. Special Adventures® to each traveler. With a commitment to providing the vacation of a lifetime, our team works diligently to ensure that every individual's experience is exceptional.

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Rhonda Reed Trip, Inc.™ Japan trip

Rhonda Reed
Travel Agent & Tour Group Leader

Apolhdette, Trips Inc.™ Registration & Booking Manager

Apolhdette (Apol) Rosa
Registration & Booking Manager

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Leslie Peterson with traveler Ben at the Dude Ranch

Leslie Peterson
Tour Group Leader

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader David Robinson with fellow travelers on a Disney Cruise trip

David Robinson
Tour Group Leader 

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Danell Boggs with a traveler on an international trip

Danell Boggs
Tour Group Leader 

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Amy Mohler with a traveler in Disneyland during Halloween

Amy Mohler
Tour Group Leader

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Shirley Eastman with traveler in Disneyland during the holiday season

Shirley Eastman
Tour Group Leader

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Caleb Peterson on the Big Island Hawaii trip

Caleb Peterson
Tour Group Leader 

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Sidney Balfour with a traveler in Disneyland

Sidney Balfour
Tour Group Leader

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Sheena Davis on the Big Island, Hawaii trip with a group of travelers

Sheena Davis
Tour Group Leader

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Rachel Henry with a traveler at the Dude Ranch in Tucson, Arizona

Rachel Henry
Tour Group Leader 

Trips Inc.™ Tour Group Leader Jill McCary and traveler on a ride in Disneyland

Jill McCary
Tour Group Leader


Founder Jim Peterson spent more than 3 decades taking people with special needs and autism on special adventures. Hear more about his inspiring journey to take people on these special adventures with Trips Inc.™ on the podcast.

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A group of happy travelers in front of large LOVE sign on the Trips Inc.™ trip to Las Vegas, Nevada.


Trips Inc.™ founder Jim Peterson with a group of travelers on one of the companies first ever trips to Disneyland

In 1982, Jim Peterson M.S., the founder of Trips Inc.™ was caring for Trent, a young man with cerebral palsy. Although there were “local” camps and destinations to visit, Jim quickly realized there was little opportunity for people with intellectual & developmental disabilities to experience the wide world of travel. This discovery altered the course of Jim’s life.

Originally from Maryland, he completed his undergraduate work at Georgetown University, and earned a Masters degree in Special Education at the University of Oregon. He later became the director of residential programs for adults with developmental disabilities in both Oregon and California.

Jim’s dream to create a business where ALL people have access to travel came true in 1991 when he started Trips Inc. Special Adventures®.

Jim won the prestigious Lisl Waechter award “in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to people with developmental disabilities in Lane County.” Jim has also been named the Direct Service Provider of the Year “for exemplary skills in working with people with developmental disabilities.”


Do you have what it takes to be a Trips Inc.™ chaperone?

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