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Our vacations promote independence and inclusion through travel for the BEST life experiences!


Fill out the form below to sign up for one or more adventures of a lifetime! If you are running into any trouble in completing the form please call our office at 541-686-1013.

To learn more about each trip before registering check out our Upcoming Trips or current Travel Brochure. We highly recommend you purchase travel insurance for any trips you book to reduce your financial loss if you have to cancel your trip.

Please note: starting May 7, 2025, all travelers flying within the United States will be required to have a valid Real ID-compliant identification card/driver's license, a state-issued enhanced driver’s license (only available in some states), or a passport book/passport card. To learn more or see if your ID is REAL ID-compliant visit DHS REAL ID.


Please carefully read the following before registering:


  • Review the Trips Inc.™ Terms of Service to understand our policies and procedures and to ensure our services will meet the traveler’s support and safety needs

  • Trips Inc. Special Adventures® specializes in group travel for adults 18 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Trips and package prices are set based on a ratio of 1 chaperone for every 3 to 4 travelers. Travelers eligible at this support level must be able to travel in the 1:3 to 1:4 group ratio responsibly, take care of their own personal care needs independently or with verbal prompts only, and be safe when unaccompanied during nights, rest periods, and if/when traveling independently by air. 

  • Trips Inc.™ chaperone accompaniment on flights is only guaranteed for travelers out of Portland, Oregon (PDX). Travelers flying out of other cities can have a care provider request a gate assistance pass to walk their traveler to/from flight departure/arrival gate and wait until their flight departs/arrives. Airline gate assistance is requested with the airlines for all travelers traveling unaccompanied with a connecting flight. Although we do our best to book direct flights, they are not and cannot be guaranteed for any traveler. When a connecting flight must be booked, gate transfers will be provided by airline staff. Once taken to the connecting flight gate, the traveler must be able to wait unaccompanied at the gate and take care of their own personal needs including, but not limited to, using the restroom, purchasing food, and/or taking their medication as prescribed.

  • Trips Inc.™ chaperones can assist travelers with managing their spending money, verbal prompts for personal care, and by handing travelers their medications to self-administer. Any traveler that requires hands-on care and/or medical support must provide and pay for a 1:1 personal care provider. 

  • Trips Inc.™ does not provide 24-hour supervision. Travelers may not be with a Trips Inc.™ chaperone during nights and/or rest breaks. Any traveler that requires 24-hour supervision must provide and pay for a 1:1 personal care provider.

  • Roundtrip airfare is included in our package price from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City for flights in the continental United States. For Hawaii, international destinations, and cruises, roundtrip airfare is included from Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco. Additional costs may apply for other cities. Airfare is not included in our road trip prices.

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