Your Special Needs Vacation Includes All This:

Outstanding Customer Service We are an award-winning company for good reason! Every detail of your trip is carefully evaluated to create a completely worry-free and fun-fill vacation. All-Inclusive Handicap Vacation Packages A one-stop-shop for all your planning needs, plus a great way to stay on budget! Indulge in first-class service in a safe atmosphere and plenty of on-site activities. Accredited Travel Company Leave the hassle of travel planning to us! Our certifications mean we are recognized as professionals in the travel industry. Our VIP status ensures you a quality vacation. Special Bonuses We are here to make special needs vacations possible for you! We offer extra services and greater accommodations to minimize the hassle and maximize the vacation enjoyment.

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Vacations for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Trips, Inc.™ provides all-inclusive vacation packages for travelers 18 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our goal is to give the best life experience to our consumers by promoting independence and inclusion through travel. From theme parks to national parks, Alaska to Hawaii, cruises and international destinations-our excursions take you all over the world!

How Do Disabled Travel Tours Work?

All you have to do is show up and know that everything else is taken care of by our team. A group of caring individuals plan and oversee every aspect of our Trips Inc. Special Adventures®. Our travel planners, program directors, tour group leaders and chaperones carefully evaluate every detail of your trip with particular attention to individual needs to create a completely worry-free and fun-filled vacation!